Saturday, February 26, 2011

If you love the life you live, you will live a life of love.

Just a few pictures... I would put pictures of everyone but I am on my iPad and I have limited pics :)

(My girlfriends minus a few- here in TX who have always taken time to cheer me up and help me out with anything I needed)

(MY best friend and my Maid of Honor who has called me everyday to check on me and came to TX to take care of me. Love you)

(My wonderful in-laws who have taken me in and treated me as their own daughter. Deb, who has been my go to women when I freak myself out and my ears to everthing cancer. I love you. Thanks for listening to my cry and helping me get through the hard times.)

(MOM!!! I love you MOM! The best mom in the world. Waking up everyday for a month straight after surgery with breakfast, lunch, dinner, a clean house, a clean dog, she did it all. I miss you everyday. Thank you for being... you)

(The day I found out I had Breast Cancer...riding the elevator about to hear the words "You have Breast Cancer. But who was right there beside me.. My wonderful fiancee. I love you forever)

(My hair is growing back... fast!!)

"Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However you must keep smiling & moving on."

Ladies and Gentleman… here it is.. my final blog post! I have been sitting back for the past few weeks thinking if I wanted to keep my blog open and updated while going through radiation. But I have come to the conclusion… Onward and Upward! I am a CANCER SURVIVOR (a 1 month survivor, ha-ha) !! I have always been in love with life and through this whole journey have become even more in love with life and the future God has planned for me. I mean, HELLO, look at the perfect man he has blessed me with! Who wouldn’t be happy! I am so excited and blessed to be able to spend my life with an amazing, passionate, HUGE hearted man. I will say no more because I do not want to embarrass Ryan. But for real ya’ll, he is the best thing in this WORLD that has ever happened to me. Mushy Mushy blah blah I know! But I am madly in love. HAVE been madly in love for the past 5 years. You know you are with the right man when he didnt miss one chemo treatment, one doctor appointment, saw me with no breasts, and picked all the pieces of me off the ground when I was deathly sick and crying. He must love me if he has seen me at 90 pounds, bald, no eyebrows, and looking like a freak show. I love you babe :) Looks like I need to get him a thank you gift... Ferrari?? ... ya never know!!!

My journey/process through cancer is not coming to an end but my blog is ☺ I think it is about time to shut this bad boy down. –Well it will still be on the Internet but I will not be posting anymore.
I want to start off by saying THANK YOU to EVERYONE for all the prayers sent up to the good lord above, words of encouragement to keep me going and staying positive through this whole mess, and for everyone’s support. The countless gifts I have received over the past 7 months, the Breast Cancer Walks my family, loved ones, friends, strangers, have walked in my honor… THANKYOU!!! And me just being able to help other women who have stumbled across my blog. It has meant the world to me to know I have so many people who care and love me deeply. And for me to be able to help other women is such an amazing feeling!!
From all my family, to all my friends, and to people in the world that have reached out to me that I have never met, THANKYOU! This by no means has been easy but having such an awesome support system helped me kick this cancer to the curve!
I have 6 weeks of radiation starting March 1st. It is everyday Monday – Friday, about 10 min a day, of lazar beams hitting my right breast. The side effects are ONLY fatigue and burns! Nothing bad and crazy like chemotherapy. Just fatigue and a sunburn on the spot the radiation hits. And heck yes I will be able to have a healthy full head of hair! No hair loss comes with breast radiation!

I have already got my spacers filled to a good (BIG) size. After radiation I will get my spacers filled up one more time and then… New Boobs/Implants! Yay! Here comes too much information…. But the spacers are like big rocks on my chest. It is weird and not normal and NOT fun. But hey, I am happy because I had/ have the two best doctors- Dr. Lynn Canavan and Dr. Joshua Lemmon (who both happen to be in D magazine for best breast surgeon and plastic surgeon in Dallas) work on my chest! My boulders on my chest may feel like rocks but my docs saved my skin and have made them look beautiful!
My next stop is in March to the nutritionist. She is going to set up a good low-saturated fat diet I will have to follow…forever. I have always been a healthy eater- but now I am going to be taking supplements, eating organically only, and lean meats. Goodbye to sugars, bread, MASHED POTATOES, Diet Sodas, and some Dairy products. Hello Juices made by Maegan and Ryan! Since we do not know what caused this cancer and I have a chance of it coming back in the next 3 years… we are going to set me up with a VERY healthy lifestyle. I just hope Ryan is pre-pared to be eating as healthy as me ☺ I have already started working back out. Let me tell you, loosing my eyebrows and not being able to go to the gym has been the hardest part for me. I absolutely LOVE the feeling working out gives me. I love it when my body feels healthy and when I am physically fit. Not only does being physically fit help with making your body tone, but it gives you (at least me) a healthy mental attitude too. I am happier and feel on top of the world when I am physically fit and mentally fit. I would recommend running and lifting lightweights to everyone!

This week was my first week back to work since my surgery, which was really hard. It kicked my butt. I am extremely thankful to be able to have such a wonderful boss who has let me take however much time off to get healthy and beat this cancer! Thanks boss ;) It was also my first week of actually wedding planning. Yay! So, now I will be planning our wedding, being healthy, and focusing on finishing my psychology degree. 6 more classes to go and I am graduated! Finally!

So, again my friends, Thank you so much for following my blog for the past 7 months and reading all of my stories. It has been a great way for me to vent- show my love for people who are always there for me- and this has been an outlet/therapy for me. Without all of your support and encouragement this crazy process would have been difficult. Through my experience, and anything you are going through, if you feel like you cannot take on another day… get on your knees and pray! Shoot, it does not matter if you are in the dressing room at Nordstrom’s. Just pray. The power of prayer is incredible and Heavenly Father has given me the strength to get up everyday with a smile on my face and say F*ck You cancer. He gave me the strength, and I came up with the wording. I am sure he was not happy with my potty mouth. BUT those days where I laid in bed and cried… I would reach over to my bible and read, read, read till I was like “Maegan! Get your butt up and give this cancer hell!” So- when you are facing a hard time in life… keep your chin up and don’t forget about the man upstairs because his love is powerful and will carry you in the hardest of times. ;) I will be turning my blog into a book. Just to keep around for when I have children they can see what Ryan and I went though. Not sure when it will be ready?

Love to everyone Always,
Maegan Murr
Oh and don’t forget… Fight Like A Girl! - Pictures as of late...


  1. Hello,
    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

  2. Hi Maegan. Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I am sitting here almost about to receive my first treatment
    Your story has been very helpful and inspiring. Know you are making a big impact on people's lives who read this, and here am saying this five years later after your diagnosis. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Tracy,

      I just saw this! I hope everything is going well for you!

  3. Maegan,
    I have seen at least one picture of you being abused (first chemo, Fight Like a Girl) from the Facebook page of Elim Caceres. Thought you would like to know. I detest this kind of thing sucking in gullible people. Anyway, hope you are doing well and have kicked cancer's butt forever!!!

  4. Maegan,

    My name is Aaron. I don't know if you ever check this blog any more , but first congratulations on beating cancer. That's just monumental! Second, I found you because I believe a like-farming Facebook page is exploiting your picture for likes and shares etc. The FB account is called Daily Prayer and the picture is of you in a hospital with a Wonder Woman shirt on and showing some kind of medical patch on your left side. The text with the image says "Hi, My Name's Lexie! I've Breast Cancer :( Can I Even Get Your Only 1 Like, Amen & Share <3"
    I'd send you the link but I imagine under the circumstances you might be hesitant to click something from a stranger. I'm going to report the page, but it might carry more weight with FB if you do, too.
    If you do get this and want to get in touch, my email is

  5. Hi Meagan,

    I'm Dr. Rick. If you are open to a conversation about health and how to overcome cancer, especially at such a young age, PM me. Of course you will be in my prayers regardless.