Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chemo Cocktail Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my second Chemo treatment. 2 down 6 to go!
I was supposed to shave my head this weekend but decided since it is not falling out yet I would just cut it super short! Heather cut it all off for me once again (Thanks Heather!) and now I am enjoying the many styles of Short hair (Mohawks, Mullets, and Fro's)! Although, anytime I run my fingers through my hair it falls out. So I know within the next few days I am going to be loosing my hair. I also picked up my wigs and have 3 wigs (brown, blonde, and red) that I will be sportin!

Since Katy has been here we have taken a lot of pictures of our time together. She is going with me to Chemo tomorrow morning and then flying out tomorrow night. So she is going to see what it is like to be around sick me! I have felt amazing for the past week and am blessed to be able to spend my good week with her. I am posting a link to a bunch of pictures of my first month of cancer. Feel free to check them out! I will update my blog later on in the week. Thanks for reading and... fight like a girl :)

Link to Pictures (Copy and Paste in your browser)

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  1. i love the haircut! especially the pictures with the mohawk! <3