Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To Fear or not to Fear?

Cancer scares the hell out of me. Everyday I wake up I face cancer. I have to drag this 108 pound body out of bed, into the bathroom, and in front of the mirror and say "You are beautiful, you can do this, F.U Cancer". Then I start my day. Some days are easier than others and some days just flat out stink, where it takes every ounce of energy to pull my self together and not be a mess! Fortunately I have my two little nephews (Matteo and Nikos) who make me smile and bring so much happiness to me :)

I have always had a fear of getting sick. Mainly because my mom has been sick a big part of my life. So one of my biggest fears was to get sick. Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit! My fear came reality and I am looking fear in the eyes! As of late, I have been forgetting the emotions around the fear of getting sick. My fear of being sick has become more of an empowerment. I am trying to not over analyze all the things that come along with cancer and this scary time but rather just take it in one step at a time and just breathe. Whatever challenges your facing I would suggest doing the same because it really feels as if your grabbing your fear by the balls and giving yourself power! I am sorry for the crude language :)

I was given the opportunity to speak with Panama City's Holly O'Connor from Island 106 Radio Station about my situation with Breast Cancer. Thank you so much Holly and Island 106 for the opportunity to spread awareness!! For those of you who were not able to hear the interview this is the link: http://island106.com/article.asp?id=1965776

Also I wanted to say thank you to everyone who was been donating to Susan. G. Komen for the Cure for me :) It really means a lot to me for the donations and for the support.

Since I am fighting chemo at this moment... I am going to lay back down and try to feel better. :) Till next time my friends... fight like a girl!!

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