Monday, November 22, 2010

People Say the Darndest Things!

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all the people in the world that seem to never have the right things to say.
To a doctor misdiagnosing me and saying “Yeah, that is not cancer, you’re too young and if it was you would die a gruesome death!” Thanks Doc, so sweet of you to share those uplifting words with me!
To the guy at work that told me “Cancer can’t make you THAT sick” to the Market Street employee who asked me “WOW, Is it really cold out side is that why you are wearing a scarf on your head?” (It was high 70’s, I have very little eyebrows, and he was being a smart ass. Very obvious I have something wrong with me) to the little lady at the deli “Eww, you have cancer, that sucks, my mom died from that” and not to mention a name but it rimes with FIN “AHH, your head is REALLY really white and your pale!” Um no sh#t- my noggin has been under hair for 25 years and I pretty much am allergic to the sun right now. Lastly, to you- you know who you are “So you must have gained weight because you’re looking really big”. I have gained 5 pounds, thank you very much.
Thank you! Thank you for making me laugh. Not with you but at you. And it is even funnier to me because half the time I get these weird comments the people do not even realize they stuck their foot in their mouth. So they are dead serious when they are saying the wrong things. I really feel bad for their significant others. Good thing I have a sense of humor and can laugh or I would never leave the house.

I wanted to post a picture of me with zero makeup and all fresh and clean clean with a bald head, what little eyebrows I have left, and no eyelashes. I am pretty sickly looking. BUT do not let the sick cancery look fool you, I am still same ol’ happy me in the inside, just a tad bit sad. I looked at this picture of me last night with my mom and almost started crying. I held back my tears because I realized- Hey, this is you. You are going through something terrible but still hold a happy attitude. So, don’t cry Maegan, be happy for having a happy spirit. It sunk in that I AM sick. I have freakin’ cancer. I am bald, missing eyebrows, NO eyelashes, and no sunshine on my skin. I am sure people are going to think I am crazy for putting this picture on here but I don’t care. I want everyone to see what chemo/cancer has done to me. I do not look like me. I look like a sick cancer patient, which I am. But I am still happy as can be and making the best of this stupid situation. Plus, I get to show my love for this great country! What is the National Bird of America? The BALD eagle! Not the 'Long Locks of Hair' eagle. I am way better at running now because the sweat rolls of my head and I am aerodynamic making me run faster and a lot quicker when I want to juke people out. Look at Michael Jordan, he is bald and a bad ass. Just like me! Since being awesome is not an act, it is a way of life-I obviously show how awesome I am with being different than others with a bald head, thinning eyebrows, and no eyelashes. When was the last time you walked into a store and saw a chick with absolutely NO hair? Yeah, never. Until you run into me! Pretty awesome.
People may be jealous of my bald head and my 0 tan lines. Since I am ex-nayed from the sun, I have a uniform tan line that extends to the top of my head. Making me all one color, which is white. I am sure if you shaved your head, you would have funky tan lines.

2 more chemo treatments left and I am free! Fight like a girl…


  1. I read the three things that people have said, to my dad. He said my gosh- welcome to the world of idiots!!!

    I'm sorry maegan that some people are seriously that stupid and really should be slapped!

    I'd smack em for ya :-)

    Love the pics! Not because you lost your hair (which by the way- you don't look sick, not in your face and eyes and smile) but because you have amazing spirit and strength and it shows thru your writings and pics!!! Even if you have bad days when you want to cry and be angry( totally understandable) but your overLl strength is WOW!! Thanks for sharing your blogs!!!!!! Melissa Bergstrom

  2. Megan, you don't know me, but I have been following your blog that was shared with from a fellow 60 mile/3 day walker. All I can say is WOW; you are a true inspiration, and I share your story with everyone I meet who does not think breast cancer and strike someone so young.
    Who cares what people think or say, 90% of them are all idiots, and your bald head is beautiful.
    I saw my mom go through breast cancer and chemo several times with the same sprint you have,and it will get you through all of this. You are an amazing person and you will be “Cancer Free”. I wish you the best with your upcoming surgery. Sandy

  3. No hair and yet you STILL look beautiful!!

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your journey!


  4. Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.