Sunday, December 26, 2010

Smitten :)

(I am all puffy from my last and final chemo. Oh and the steroids and crying...but I am happy as can

Laying in bed looking at the clock it reads “12:56 am” I can’t sleep. Because I keep thinking about how Ryan proposed. Everything he said replaying in my head over and over. His face, his giant smile, the fish camp all lit up with candles, and me crying happy tears the whole time while he was confessing his love for me earlier that evening. I am so happy that finally I can’t sleep not because steroids or sickness in my body, but because I can’t stop thinking about being ENGAGED to my love!!!!

This morning I woke up the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I woke up 30 minutes early so I could sit and stare at my ring. And you better believe when the alarm went off at 7:30 am I jumped out of bed and ran to my gorgeous ring. I sat on my stool in the bathroom and stared at my bling bling for 30 minutes. It was awesome.
So, I am engaged! I am engaged! Holy cow ya’ll! This is nuts. For once in the last 4 months I have not been thinking about having cancer and have been thinking about this rock on my finger and the amazing man who put it there. I am in a complete state of happiness and am engaged to a perfect man! The proposal was perfect, the ring is perfect, and the man who has stolen my heart is perfect! I wanted to update my blog on something besides cancer for once. So, I will tell you guys the story of “us”. Enjoy _

“Hey, you gotta meet this dude I work with. He has no friends and has no one to hang out with. He moved here from TX and hates it here”- Chris Morrison
“Okay! I will be his friend!! I love making friends” - Maegan Murr

And that is where our love began! On the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida (My hometown). We spent the wonderful summer getting to know each other on the beach every day in the sunshine and every night under the stars. Our life on getting to know each other and how our love began pretty much was out of a Nicholas Sparks Novel (The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe). Haha Just kidding. But, no really it was.

Then Ryan had to move back to TX. He came to PCB to work and he was moving back to Dallas. So, with that being said, I tagged along! Actually to be exact and specific it went a long the lines of this….

“Well, I have to move back to TX”- Ryan
“Ahh! Really? What! Man that bites!”- Maegan
“Yeah…,” (in a very calm and collective voice)- Ryan
“Well, I am not having a long distance relationship because they never work out and they are lame, but I do love you”(in a sassy tone)- Maegan
“Okay so move with me”- Ryan
“Okay! Sounds good”- Maegan

And that was 5 years ago. We are still living the life of a romance novel and happier than ever! I am not going to spill all the beans on us because that has to wait until the engagement shindigs but I will tell you that I am the luckiest woman alive! The past 4 months have been complete madness and Ryan has been there for me every step of the way. I feel like I have been trapped in a freakin’ nightmare and Ryan has continued to comfort me and assure me everyday we are going to survive this. He brings so much happiness and joy to me everyday, especially when I am sick. When I lay there in bed crying and saying I cant do this anymore he is the one who picks up all the pieces and puts me back together. He is the reason I smile everyday and I am seen rarely with a frown. I couldn’t imagine going through cancer without him. I couldn’t imagine going through life without him. We have been together a long time and just within the past 4 months we have learned so much about each other. Qualities were brought out that I never knew I had and he never knew he had. It has made us stronger together than we have ever been. He listens to me complain about having no hair and looking like an alien. He sees past the bald me and sees a beautiful woman, which I do not see how- but he does. I barley have eyebrows and he still tells me everyday how I look like a million bucks. I could go on about him all day- SO, we are engaged!!! This is the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. I have the man of my dreams, my hair is growing back, I am getting healthier by the day, and I am getting new big boobs! Not to mention, last time I went to see Dr. Canavan she said it felt like only scar tissue where my tumor once was. 3.8 cm of tumor now scar tissue! Chemotherapy busted out a can of whoop ass on this tumor! Which, it better have because those past 4 months were insane. I have a MRI on January 10 to see if the tumor is gone and then from there I get ready for the double mastectomy! YAY! 2011 is going to be a great year! Here are some pictures of my gorgeous ring, where Ryan proposed, and my hair growing back! Fight like a Girl…


  1. We didn't really know each other well in high school, but I stumbled across your blog through a facebook friend and felt compelled to post. I was really inspired by your story and positive attitude. You show tremendous courage and make an incredible role model for others. I truly wish the best for you and your recovery! I always thought you were very pretty in high school and you still are, don't think otherwise! Oh and congrats on the engagement, what a stunning ring!

  2. Mom, Ms. P, G-mahhMay 30, 2012 at 6:50 AM

    Hi Maegan Deann, I Love you, We Love you. . You know Mom,Zach aNd Lauren. We miss you aNd Love YOU! Thankyou for being tuff for fighting back,for not giving up.Thankyou for being the best even at your worst time! Thankyou for including everyone in your times of sorrow and struggle along with your times of smiles and hope, Thankyou for being a wonderful daughter and sister, thankyou for your jokes,your understanding, your comforting suprise mail. Thankyou for the beauty you share in more ways than one,thankyou for you! I,We Love you Maegan Deann, always. Congratulations on your remission, your proposal,your wedding, your Great husband! (He is a Godsend)Congrats to you for having the best inlaws(not excluding extended family) the best of friends (all over) the best doctors(''hello'') the best care, aNd ''all '' the best intentions, gifts, aNd prayer(s). Thankyou. Maegan, may this find you doing well and strong, I, We, Love you!!

  3. Hi Megan-I am a modern philanthropist who vigorously supports/fights for cancer victims. I would like to get in touch with you about the images on your blog. Please contact me at