Monday, January 3, 2011

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile :)

Happy New Year

(Ryan and I on New Years Eve having a blast! 2011 is going to be great!)

Just a little update...

Since my last chemotherapy treatment I have been feeling AMAZING! Since Christmas Day I have been getting my energy back day by day, my some what normal happy self is back, and I am just feeling on top of the world! My hair is growing back and I started working out again and trying to get back into the groove of my normal life. Even though when my mastectomy comes I am going to have to be back to laying in bed for about 2 weeks. I won’t be able to fully function for about a month but for the meantime I am bustin’ out the moves on Xbox Kinnect “Zumba” and running my butt off at the gym! I am so happy and excited to be able to feel physically fit and happy! Thank You Heavenly Father!

This week is a very busy week for me. Tomorrow 1/4/11 I have an MRI to see if the tumor has shrunk to a small tumor or if it has completely disappeared! *Fingers crossed that it has completely disappeared* Then, on Wednesday 1/5/11 I have surgery on my lymphnodes where Dr. Canavan is going to remove many lymphnodes to see if they have cancer cells in them. I am really scared and nervous about surgery. It is freaking me out. *I have been praying extra hard that there is NO cancer is my lymphnodes!!* If there are cancer cells iin the nodes I will have to do radiation. Radiation is needed if the tumor was 4 cm or bigger and if or more than 4 lymphnodes have cancer cells. My tumor began at 3.8 cm and let’s just pray no lymphnodes are involved and the tumor has completely disappeared!
If there are cancer cells in all 4 lymphnodes and my tumor is still hanging out then that will definitely be upsetting. But the way I see it is… Oh well! Just one extra long step to kick this cancers butt.
Then Thursday 1/6/11 I have an appt with Dr. Canavan to go over all the results of the MRI and surgery! I have not got an appt with Dr.Canavan for the double mastectomy yet but hopefully it will be at the end of January or beginning of February. I did have dates for all this surgery stuff but Dr. Canavan had to change it all up. Once I am healed from the mastectomy and my spacers begin to be filled I am going to start wedding planning! Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year! I sure am!! And I have a great feeling that 2011 is going to be wonderful!
Fight like a girl..


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    1. Kittens hugging and drinking warm milk! Eeek then frolicking in daisies. Oh, one got thirsty gotta go back home for more warm milk! Babies!!!

  2. Hello. I was reseaching the word chemo on google and ended up on your blog. I am 24 years old and I was told I have breast cancer the day before my 24th birthday, January 19th, 2011. I am going through intense chemotherapy sessions, six months of it, and two months of radiation, and then five years of hormone therapy. I hope everything is well with you, if you want to contact me this is my e-mail,